quarta-feira, 23 de julho de 2008

Something new here

Today I simply felt like writing something in English for this blog. That's what I am doing now.

My command on the language is, to say the least, limited. Scarcely ever have I any chance of talking with someone fluent in English. Practicing my skills with it is something unbelievaby difficult, under my personal circumstances.

But I have this blog. I believe I stand a chance of earning the right to sell advertising space here, which will give me I don't know how much money. I want this right, I mean, this money, no matter how much (or, still more likely, how little) it is. Bills are coming fierce and I'm having a terrible time trying to make ends meet with a really insufficient personal budget.

My English is what you can see here. However, I can avail myself of it as a working tool every now and then, which in fact I do. I'm a translator by trade. I also have enough experience with other languages. French, Italian, Spanish. I'm 51 years old and I have always read a lot eversince I learned how to read, over four decades ago. This has allowed me to build something like a certain fund of knowledge along the decades.

I write my own poems in English, sometimes. I don't think I'm much of a poet myself, however I can follow the basic rules of poetry in English (and other foreign languages too, for that matter) as I do in my own vernacular, of course.

This post will, in all likelihood, be read in many places the world over. I expect to be understood (and maybe appreciated, too) by God knows how many readers, and this must mean something for someone like me.

Comments of any nature on my writings are welcomed, since they may naturally lead to my improvement and encouragement.

Today I'm posting here my poem Rights. Enjoy it.


What right had I to fly so high?
To hide behind see-through disguise?
To trust so far so many a lie?
To pay no heed to words of wise?

What right had I so deep to dive
Into my self for fun, on whim?
Disturb did I a quiet bee-hive
And still have stings all o’er my skin.

The time has come for me to know
How wrong I've been, how wrong, how wrong!
My stupid heart, so weak, so low
How can it love so much, so strong?